Volunteer Organization

Volunteers are your biggest blessing and your worst nightmare. You love them and you sometimes just have to shake your head. But anyone that knows what its like working with volunteers know that all the pain is worth it because they are just trying to make a difference just like you are. And even in the toughest times you just love them and appreciate all they do.

Managing them can be difficult and depending on the programs or grants you are looking to qualify for you may need volunteer numbers. FoodBank Manager provides those for you. You can report on the number of volunteers that worked any particular outreach and extrapolate their hours from that for total hours if needed. You can create sign up sheets for upcoming outreaches. You can view any team members account and see their service history. The times they came and worked as promised, called in or just didn't come in at all.

You can keep notes on their activity or information that is needed to be viewed by certain groups. You can also upload files and case notes for your volunteers.

We have reporting available to you so you can see who worked this year, month or day. You can see who isn't showing up but signed up. You can export any information about your Team members and volunteers using the Ad Hock report for teams. And with custom fields for teams you can collect anything else you need, like when they took training classes, what equipment they can operate, jobs they are approved to perform, availability, skills and more.

There is a help file in the knowledge base that goes into detail about the things you can do when managing your volunteers. Clcik here to go to Manage Volunteers & Staff.

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