Sox Box Software began as a family partnership in February, 2011. The sole purpose of our company was to provide food pantries with exceptional, low cost software solutions to assist in feeding the greatest amount of people in an organized and efficient manner.

We gained our experience through writing multiple versions of pantry software for our church several years prior to the start of our company. The experience gained, plus the passion we share in helping others, led to our decision to start our own company which resulted in a new program for pantries and food banks, " Food Bank Manager", which was released in May, 2011.

Writing a software solution was not enough. We needed to ensure that the program and the company mission met the following requirements, without exception:

  • Simplicity: Our system must be user-friendly, taking into consideration the various experience levels of the volunteers that will be using this program.

  • Inexpensive: Our goal is to provide a new program at a reasonable cost.

  • Relevant: Our program must meet the current needs that each pantry has, plus continue to evolve as these needs change.

  • Partnership: We will create a trust between your pantry and the Sox Box team through our uncompromising support and dedication to your specific needs.

  • Excellence: What we do, we do well. Assisting you in helping those in need is our passion.

During the years that FoodBank Manager has been in operation we have learned many things. The most obvious is that there is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution for any pantry. Every agency is different.

We focus and adapt to your specific needs, whether you are a large food bank, a mid to small pantry or a backpack meal program that is paid out of pocket. As our customers' needs change, so do we, thus providing continuous revitalization of growth and stability for both customer and provider.

We listen, are attentive and responsive.

We can and will meet your needs.

We have grown because we do listen and are responsive to those needs.

We ask that you choose FoodBank Manager because we know together we can and will make a difference within our communities.

Have Questions? Call us +844-896-9577 toll free, or use the CONTACT button to send us a question.

We want to be your partner in the effort to help those in need.